Our Parrot Placement Program is a liaison service where we search for a new home with eligible candidates while the parrot remains in his familiar home.  Click Here for Complete Program Details.

Many people are unsure of what to do with their used cages when buying a new cage for their parrot.  Feel free to donate CLEAN, USABLE cages to LIPS.  Your donation may be tax deductable.  Also consider buying your next cage from LIPS.  The money from your parrots shelter goes towards our future shelter!  Click Here for more details.

We've found that listing lost and found birds on social media is more effective (larger audience and ability to share).  If your bird has been lost or if you have found a bird, please fill out our Lost, Found & Sighted Contact Form and we can post on the Long Island Parrot Society's Facebook page.  We also encourage you to post on New York Lost and Found Birds Parrots; LI, NY - Suffolk County Lost and Found Pets.. Plus +; Lost and Found Pets Long Island: Nassau/Suffolk County and 911 Parrot Alert on Facebook.  We will also share with those sites.


Whatever you do, don't give up without a fight.  Make sure you put up posters, contact local vets, pet stores and clubs.  Check the newspaper.  Many papers will list lost pet ads for free.  


Please try to prevent accidents happening by having your parrot's flight feathers groomed, and being careful around open doors and windows.