A Few Words 

About Us

The Long Island Parrot Society is in its 39th year!  EST 1985!!

LIPS is "for the birds" ~ We are dedicated to responsible bird ownership through education and example.  Our members include breeders, pet shop professionals, and parrot fanatics who share their homes with multiple birds, and there are members who are proud to have just one special parrot.

We publish an award-winning, 10 times yearly newsletter, Long Island Parrot Beacon, packed with news you can use: Club information, photos, classified ads, event schedules and informative articles on bird care!

We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization (NYS Charities Registration No. 43-65-18) dedicated to improving the lives of psittaciformes through education, research, advocacy and service, to help prevent endangerment or extinction, and to create a shelter and adoption center for displaced parrots and other pet birds.

We support rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing efforts, and have contributed to avian shelters, veterinary research, conservation projects, post-9/11 funds and to the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.  We were also  supportive to parrot owners devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

What We Do

Our Parrot Placement Program is a liaison service where we search for a new home with eligible candidates while the parrot remains in his familiar home.  Click Here for Complete Program Details.

LIPS hosts an annual Parrot Expo where you can enjoy lectures, vendors, raffle prizes and educational information.  Our biggest event of the year!

The Long Island Parrot Society is building

The Long Island Parrot Museum, Shelter and Learning Center… one brick at a time!  Find out how you can help!

If you send us information about a lost or found bird we will do what we can to make sure the information is spread to as many people as possible.  Many birds have been reunited with their owners using this resource!  Click Here for Complete Program Details.

"Come perch with

us at our next meeting!"