Long Island Parrot Society
Plans Parrot Museum, Shelter & Learning Center

A live budgie found in a Dumpster®, still inside its cage.  An Amazon parrot, living in sensory deprivation, inside a dark closet for years.  A cockatoo, remanded to life inside an automobile...  


These situations are REAL.  Over the years, The Long Island Parrot Society has been called upon to help rescue and re-home these and other exotic birds. Fortunately not all incidents are as dramatic or desperate, yet calls are increasing.  It’s a jungle out here!


In the most ambitious challenge ever undertaken by a bird club, the Long Island Parrot Society has amended its mission statement to include the establishment of a Parrot Museum, Shelter and Learning Center.  It is envisioned as a freestanding, accessible-to-the-public shelter and educational entity instead a private undertaking where access, succession, conditions and disposition of the birds depend on an individual.


Such a shelter, directed by the Long Island Parrot Society, will be staffed by volunteers and paid workers, including a vet-tech, and administrator.  Protocol will be set regarding testing for disease and quarantine.  Plans and specifications will evolve as the project progresses.

Proposed plans for the LIPS’ Parrot Museum, Shelter and Learning Center include:

  • Quarantine rooms with viewing windows
  • Common living areas for birds, divided by birds’ geographical origins
  • Parrotphernalia Boutique:  Selling area for cages, books, bird food, supplies, gifts, accessories, etc.
  • “Birdbrain” Library and Meeting Room:  will function as reading room and lecture room; space for Board meetings, Parrot University      sessions, and special events.
  • Parrot Museum:  History of parrots; collectibles; antique cages, artwork, small admission fee to help support shelter; Shows with various themes throughout the year.
  • Love Nest:  a room where prospective parrot parents visit and interact with individual birds offered for adoption.
  • Office for administrative duties


FUNDING:  Will be accomplished through grants, donations, fundraising activities, relinquishment and adoption fees, boutique sales, special events, planned giving programs.

The Long Island Parrot Society is building

The Long Island Parrot Museum, Shelter and Learning Center…

one brick at a time!

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What a great way to honor a special bird, living or passed; or to celebrate your family, a special date, person, pet or event!

The bricks will become a permanent part of the Long Island Parrot Society’s future Parrot Museum, Shelter and Learning Center!  Your sponsorship will help make the project a reality!

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