Directors / Officers

Meet Our Board Members & Officers 

Bob Dietrich

Board Member 20+ years

Founding Member

Past President

LIPS Member since 1985

Big Bird!



Diane Hyde

President 2021

Board Member 2010; Treasurer 2011

LIPS Member since 2004

Budgies Rock!




Susan Chamberlain

Past President

Past Co-President

Board Member

Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary

LIPS Member since 1996

Amazons Rule!

David Abrahams

Board Member 2022

LIPS Member & Outreach Volunteer

Meeting Presenter Coordinator

Ruled by a Macaw and Amazons



Robert Gross

Board Member since 2019

LIPS Member since 2009

Bird Man of Wantagh!



Candy LIttle

Board Member 2022

LIPS Member

"If you don't believe they have souls, you haven't looked into their eyes long enough."

Donna Barbaro

Board Member 2021

LIPS Member since 1990

Greys, cockatiels & chickens!

Shawn Florman

Vice President 2022

Board Member since 2020

LIPS Member since 2018

Webmaster / Parrot Placement /

Volunteer / Newsletter Co-editor

Three shades of grey