Morning Bird, Inc. Morning Bird is the leader in producing high quality nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and herbal products for the avian community. From medications to supplements, we have everything birds need to live long, healthy, and happy lives. (replaces AviTech supplements).

BirdTricks: a husband-wife team; Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specializing in parrot training and companionship.Text...

Citizens For Pets in Condos - Non-profit 501(c)3 public charity based in South Florida promoting acceptance of companion animals in no-pet policy deed restricted housing such as homeowner and condominium association run housing, thereby allowing people to enjoy the health benefits of animal companionship in their homes and creating more homes for homeless pets. educates the public on the health benefits of animal companionship and about responsible pet ownership in order to increase acceptance of companion animals in common interest ownership communities.

Parrot Education Project - Parrot Sanctuary and Educational Resource  501 (c) (3) Corporation located in Lyerly, GA parrot sanctuary/rescue and educational resource


Food, Cages, Toys, Supplies, Gifts, Meds... and more! - free greetings for the planet; bird styles available

8 Beaks Toys - unique, stimulating, one-of-a-kind toys

Acrylic Bird Cages- cages, accessories & more!

Alicia's Creations ("Parrotphernalia") - unique handcrafted parrot jewelry & gifts

Everything Birds - selection of bird cages at discount prices. Find the right bird cage for your bird at the right price for your budget! FREE shipping over $49.00. – Avian Emporium: cages, covers, perches, stands and more

Bird Cages Now - bird cages at discount prices for small to large birds

Custom Pet Portraits in pencil or pastel by Sandra Palme - Custom  pet portraits by professional pet portrait and equine artist. Commissions accepted internationally. Gift vouchers available. Online gallery.

Feather Fantasy - cages, toys, food, accessories and LOTS more...

Pet Media Plus - Feathered Phonics - train your bird to speak, The Acro Perch

Foto Search Stock Photography - search hundreds of parrot and other bird stock photos

Greenfeather Bird Supply - bird toys – requires registration to browse

Its Up In The Air Art via Zazzle- bird related art, shirts, aprons, notepads, etc.

NutsOnline - premium wholesale and bulk nuts (shelled and in shell) and dried fruits

Pet Portrait Artist - Melanie Phillips, professional pet portrait artist; secure online ordering. Worldwide delivery

Roadrunner Pharmacy - 877 518 4589 - order your pet's medications and they will deliver

Scarlet's Feathers via Zazzle- specialized greeting cards with companion parrot attitude

The Laughing Parrot - unique toys, care, recipes and other products

Tony Sánchez - bird painter, wildlife art


African Grey Parrot - African Grey Parrot information, guide, articles, care and community

Parakeet Secrets - Discover the secrets to raising a happy, healthy and well

behaved Parakeet


Dr. Jungle's Pets and Animals Information Resource - Dr. Jungle's Care Guides for healthy Pets. Bird, Aquarium, Small Animal, Reptile. Pictures galore!

Grey Forums - African Grey forums.  All about...

Guidestar - database; connecting people with non-profit information  

LI Families - a community resource for all of Long Island - (Long Island Eye) a webzine about Long Island redirects to 

Long Island Browser - your complete Long Island source really is not anything parrot

Parrot Pages, The - a home for avian information – has lots of info, but also a lot of dead links.

Parrot Talk (Bobbi Brinker) - everything bird-related

PetLifeRadio - Pet Podcasts; do? dogs, cats, birds, lizards, fish, etc. - A comprehensive guide on all species of parrots Some links take visitors to risky sites and others to a sales pitch for a training program for parrots.

Wings 'n Things podcast on PetLifeRadio with Barbara Heidenreich, Robin Shewokis & Susan Chamberlain

That Bird Blog - sponsored by ThatFishPlace/ThatPetPlace - Articles on parrot husbandry, conservation and natural history, answering readers' questions and more. Really has not been updated since 2015 - "bringing pet lovers together to help pets and each other" Is a Mommy and Family Lifestyle Blog

Living with Uncommon Indoor Pets - talks about the specific care needs regarding living space, diet, and routine care for uncommon pets and how you can add an excitingly wild dimension to life in your home

General: Health, Publications, Surveys, News, Events...

Birds n Ways - all about pet birds

Companion Parrot Quarterly (formerly Pet Bird Report); a publication by Sally Blanchard 

Okay Environmental Working Group - health & environmental issues, dangerous products, Teflon®, etc.
Exotic Pet Vet - Avian, Reptile, Primate, Small animal 

Grey Play Round Table, The - African Grey magazine  
HAGEN - The world's largest privately-owned, multi-national pet products manufacturer and distributor. 

New York Tails- a magazine for the people and pets of NYC (see "Beak Street") - an extensive site with worldwide bird links UK site, no links; products only