Are you grieving over the loss of a pet?

Are you grieving over a pet you had to give up?

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Suggested Reading (Books/Websites)

  • Coping with Pet Loss: A Resource Guide for Grieving Pet Owners
  • Death of a Pet, Answers to Questions for Children and Animal Lovers of all Ages by J. W. Potter and George Koss, Guideline Publications, NY, NY
  • Coping with the Loss of a Pet, Christina M. Lemiuex, Wallace R. Clark, 1992
  • Oh, Where Has My Pet Gone? A Pet Loss Memory Book, B. Libbey Press, NM. 1991.  Ages: 3-103
  • Pet Loss: A Thoughtful Guide for Adults & Children, H. A. Neburg and A. Fischer, Harper & Row, 1982
  • When Your Pet Dies: How to Cope with Your Feelings, Jamie Quackenbush & D. Graveline, Simon & Shuster, 1985
  • The Three Birds, Marinus Vandenberg. (CHILDREN)
  • Pet Loss Resource Guide; (part of another website -
  • Lifetimes, Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen. (CHILDREN)
  • The Rainbow Bridge website, a virtual, interactive memorial home for your departed pet.