"Come and perch

with us!"



Mission Statement: The Long Island Parrot Society is a service organization—In service to the people and pet birds of Long Island and the surrounding area!



Membership has its privledges.  Join the Long Island Parrot Society and see what we have to offer as a club that is just for the birds.



LIPS provides many services including Adoption, Lost & Found, Parrot Placement and Bereavement resources.



Vet Listings, Pet Sitters, Breeders, Emergency Numbers and Links to other relevant websites.

Help A Parrot Find A Home By Adopting

Learn more about our Parrot Placement Program.


There are many parrot owners who need to find a home for their feathered companions.  You can be apart of a birds life by opening your heart and home to a faithful friend.  A bond between human and bird is a very special relationship.  Click the button below to learn about our Placement Program.

First Aid


Bleeding toenail on a Sunday night? Broken blood feather? Don’t panic! Learn important first aid measures now!

Local Veterinarians


Develop a relationship with an avian veterinarian before you have an emergency! We’re fortunate to have board-certified avian vets right here on Long Island!



Parrot got you puzzled? Screaming, biting, plucking or territorial behavior? An avian behavior consultant can help train your bird…and you!

Legislative Issues


Votes count! So does standing up and making your opinion known! Check out the latest government plans for you, your pets, and the environment!