Summer’s great. You’re free from worry about keeping your companion birds warm enough for another few months, fresh produce abounds (better birdie brunches!), and the extended hours of daylight keep everyone, birds included, on a more livable schedule.  Vacation or leisure time plans are probably in full swing at your house. Whether you’re staying close to home or traveling this summer, your feathered friends play a major role in summer activities. Take a look at my list: Line up the bird-sitter, get the birds’ wings clipped to thwart escape, take the cages outdoors for pressure-washing, change air-conditioning filters, check the garden for bird-ready veggies, spend a morning on ant patrol, buy a fly-swatter, check the window screens….and so on.

Flummoxed over fruit flies? Anxious about ants? Moths mating in the bird food cabinet? Most of us been driven over the edge by some sort of insect or rodent invasion in our bird’s area at one time or another, and a good part of that anxiety is because we don’t want to use pest control methods that could possibly harm our pets or wildlife. Here are some non-toxic and easy ways to control the nasty critters.