Toxic & Non-Toxic Plants

Toxic & Non-Toxic 


DISCLAIMER:   The plants on this list are considered 'safe' by accredited sources.  Please bear in mind that not all plants are safe for all birds under all circumstances.   Houseplants and ornamentals are not routinely tested on birds, so there is no way of accurately evaluating the safety of each plant with pet birds.  Also, plants may have been treated with fertilizers or pesticides before they came into your home.  Soil can harbor mold, mildew, bacteria and insects.  Be safe and keep all houseplants out of reach of your pet birds!  For further information, contact your local poison control center, botanical gardens and your avian veterinarian. 

Toxic Plants


  Acokanthera - all parts toxic, except ripe fruit


  Angel's Trumpet - leaves seed and flowers

  Apricot - pits, leaves and bark

  Apple - seeds, leaves, bark

  Avocado - unripe fruit, and stems


  Balsam Pear, Bitter Melon



  Bird of Paradise - seed pods and flowers


  Black Locust


  Bracken Fern





  Calla Lily

  Catclaw Acacia - twigs and leaves

  Caster Bean

  Cherry - pits, leaves and bark



  Coral Plant


  Cycad or Sago Cycas



  Death Camas


  Devil's Ivy

  Dieffenbachia (dumb cane)

  Eggplant - unripe/overripe fruit, leaves

  Elderberry - roots, leaves, stems, bark

  Elephant's Ears or Taro

  Euonymus - filit, bark, leaves

  European Pennyroyal


  Four o'clock




  Holly - leaves, berries

  Horse Chestnut

  Horse Nettle




  Ivy (Boston, English & some others)


  Jerusalem Cherry

  Jessamine Yellow

  Jimsonweed - leaves, seeds and flowers
















  Morning Glory - seeds





  Peach - leaves, pit, bark

  Pear - leaves, seeds, bark






  Plum - leaves, pit, bark

  Poison Hemlock

  Poison Ivy

  Poison Oak

  Poison Sumac




  Potato - sprouts, leaves, berries, green tubers




  Red Maple


  Rhubarb - leaves

  Rosary Pea


  Shamrock Plant

  Skunk Cabbage




  Star of Bethlehem

  Sweet Pea


  Tomato - stems and leaves


  Virginia Creeper


  Water Hemlock




Non-toxic Plants 



  Acacia (some species)

  African Daisy

  African Violet

  Aluminum Plant

  Aloe - flesh only



  Areca, Butterfly Cane


  Asparagus Fern



  Baby's Tears

  Baby's Breath

  Bachelor Buttons





  Bird's Nest Fern

  Blood Leaf Plant

  Boston Fern


  Brake, Ribbon, Dish


  California Holly







  Cissus Kangaroo Vines

  Claw Cactus

  Coffee Tree (coffee is toxic!)



  Corn Plant



  Creeping Jenny

  Croton - house variety







  Donkey Tail


  Dragon Tree

  Easter Cactus

  Elderberry - cooked ripe fruit only


  European Fan


  Gold Dust Dracaena


  Elephant Foot Tree






  Grape Ivy

  Grape Vine

  Hens and Chicks





  Indian Hawthorne

  Jade Plant


  Lemon Balm


  Lily (Easter or Tiger)



  Maidenhair Fern


  Mayapple - fruit only

  Mock Orange

  Monkey Plant





  Natal Plum

  Nerve Plant

  Norfolk Island Pine






  Pony Tail Palm


  Prayer Plant

  Purple Passion, Purple Velvet




  Rubber Plant

  Russian Olive


  Sensitive Plant


  Spider Plant


  Squirrel's Foot Fern

  Staghorn, Elk's Horn

  Star Jasmine

 String of Beads

  Swedish Ivy

  Sword Fern


  Ti Plant


  Wandering Jew



  Zebra Plant