Parrot Placement Program

Parrot Placement


Our Policies and Procedures

REGULAR Placement Program:

With our regular placement program the bird stays in your home for as long as possible.


EMERGENCY Foster Program:

We do not generally offer Foster Services as our fostering resources are limited.  *Please do not expect to be able to move your parrot immediately.


The Candidates:

Adoption candidates are made eligible by the Parrot Placement Committee of the Long Island Parrot Society. Many applicants are longstanding LIPS members.  All applicants will have have passed a home inspection prior to approval as eligible candidates.  Members who are interested in adopting your bird will contact you directly at the telephone number/s you supply us with. We do not give out your address - if you speak to a candidate that you think is a good match you can give them your address and directions to your home after you have arranged a meeting.

If you are uncomfortable with any of the candidates - Do not transfer ownership of the bird. Let us know that you want to see additional people and we will refer other candidates to you.  



We do not help people sell their parrots OR accessories. If you choose to use this service all items belonging to the bird (cage, food, toys etc) as well as the parrot go to the new home free of charge.  In some cases people have asked for money for the cage or accessories - even for the bird! Adoption candidates have been instructed to leave and not adopt the bird if they are asked for money.

If you choose to use our service you will not be paid for the bird, cage or accessories.

*Cage MUST be included with parrot in order to use our service to place your parrot.

Don't hesitate to send us photos of PLUCKED parrots.  Many candidates are VERY sympathetic to parrots that have feather and behavior issues.

Please submit one form for EACH parrot being placed

*We may NOT be able to handle immediate or Emergency Placements...

Information we need about you

We only list your parrots details on the wesbite - NOT your personal info

Tell us as much information as you can about your Parrot

Behavior and Additional Characteristics:  Please complete as much as possible.

Tell us why you need to rehome your bird?  Provide additional info if applicable.

Upload Photos of your Bird

To upload, just click the browse button to select your file(s).  You can select more then one file at a time in this dialog.  


To submit this form you must include a photo (you can attached several in one submission).  The form will not allow you to submit without a photo attached.


All photos must be either, JPG, JPEG, GIF, OR PNG file type.


File size must not exceed more then 300KB.


If you are unfamliar with how to resize a photo, we suggest using the  simple image resizer website to do so.  Its very fast and quite simple.  Click here.  Instructions on how to do this is on the right.


Instructions to resize your photos using Online Image Resizer

1.  Upload your image

2.  Change the percentage to at least 50%

3. Click on RESIZE NOW button.

A status message indicating the file was sucessfully resized and a download link will appear. The file will be named  We suggest you rename the file using your birds name.

You can then use this resized image and submit it to our form.


Upload File(s)
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