Emergency Care

Pet Emergency

At Vet Clinic, we’re ready to respond to any pet emergency, no matter what time of day. Thanks to our 24/7 pet emergency room and dedicated team of vets and nurses, we’re here to help whenever you might need us. Non non ultrices, est et suspendisse sit, nam vestibulum nulla tincidunt id. Dolor orci condimentum nullam pellentesque orci cursus, commodo natoque proin tellus sit, donec magnis molestias nullam, luctus urna metus varius amet. Ratione ipsum malesuada felis, malesuada proin interdum dui a scelerisque ornare. Per at et tortor, dui justo, bibendum phasellus est nibh a, scelerisque vestibulum rutrum ut wisi, accumsan molestiae metus ut.

Pet Emergency Symptoms

  Breathing that’s labored or rapid

  Weakness or loss of consciousness

  Persistent vomiting or diarrhea

  Blood in their urine, stool, or vomit

  Straining to urinate or defecate

  OrthoA recent or current seizure

  Bleeding or serious injury/trauma

  Ingestion of medications that aren’t theirs

  Ingestion of any inedible objects

  Ingestion of a toxic substance, such as household cleaners, chocolate, antifreeze, or rodent poison

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